My name is Christian Coppoletti. I’m primarily a 3D modeler, character designer and game developer. I’ve also worked proficiently as a front-end web programmer and an illustrator. I pick up new tools quickly and love to explore new techniques quite often.

Anything related to digital art has been my priority ever since I was young. I got my first paycheck for 3D art at age thirteen. I’ve worked over 10k hours on personal and professional projects. Every client, professor, and colleague I’ve collaborated with has noted my exceptional attention to detail. My aim is to work with those who care deeply about their field and know precisely how I can contribute.

Companies I've worked for or with:

  • Disney
  • Universal
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Miami University
  • Blue Sky
  • Roush Engineering
  • FRCH Design
  • Ruttle Design Group
  • iD Tech
  • LF Creative Group
  • Wessol
  • More work history details can be found in my Resume/CV.