• Projekt Valour

    Projekt Valour

    This is what I consider to be my most vast illustration. I spent over a month developing a unique concept, researching, prototyping designs, getting feedback and polishing. You can check out the entire process if you’d like.

    A global robotics CG competition prompted me to pour as much effort as I could into it. This carried me to second place in the competition and a feature on Polycount, Blenderatists, and a CG news website.

    Main Image Head Shot

  • Humane Interface

    Humane Interface

    Something inspired by a childhood dream of mine and this amazing concept by Gui Guimaraes. I had some time on my hands to create something a little over the top for a 3D class final.

    It’s basically a personification of the Play Station 4 operating system.

    Humane Interface Clay Render

  • Ninja 250R

    Ninja 250R

    The Kawasaki Ninja 250R was and still is a motorcycle I’d love to take for a spin. I was so fascinated by it that I took a couple months to study its forms and components in excruciating detail and transfer that into an intricately rendered 3D model with accurate materials.

    Front of Ninja Back of Ninja

  • Astropunk


    A concept model I worked on earlier in my career. The entire object was made in ZBrush, long before all of the new hard surface tools were integrated. Had a little help learning from the amazing character artist Mike Jensen.

    Different Model Shots

  • Samus Aran

    Samus Aran

    Another one of my best models. This work is a tribute to one of my favorite series, Metroid which features the bounty hunter Samus Aran. Most of my effort so far has been dedicated to creating her character, the under-suit and a companion alien Metroid model. I plan on adding to this project a complete suit, rigging and some photoshoot-style renderings.

    Main Image Main Image Main Image


  • Ruttle Design Group

    Ruttle Design Group

    I created this website from the ground up by myself for the most part. I had to work under tight deadlines and communicate with the client constantly about tweaks and improvements. Keep in mind that their current website has some changes that are not my own.

    RDG Homepage

    RDG Homepage

  • 3D Workflow Chart

    3D Workflow Chart

    This was a simple illustrator exercise that I went a little overboard with. It’s a simple layout of my particular process when creating 3D illustrations.

    3D Illustration Workflow

  • Paintstorm Afternoon

    Paintstorm Afternoon

    This could be put under 2D Art but I also planned and shot a video to go along with it, which showcases my abilities with Premiere. I also do some photography on the side, though usually for texture and painting reference.

    16:9 Image

    Hyper Darkdrifter Painting

  • UWP


    Did some work revamping this website with the rest of my web development team. It was satisfying to implement new features into a site that was already very nicely made.

    UWP website screenshot

  • Four0


    Made as part of a Startup Weekend hosted by Miami University. It’s basic premise was a College class seat auction house for high-demand classes. Students dropping or with early registration could sell to those who are willing to pay to secure a spot. Made a phone app mockup for the project.

    Four0 Mockups




    This game was made over the course of a semester with the help of some friends. I handled all of the programming, level construction and animation. I had some help with aesthetic, sound and level design.

    It went on to win our team Best Digital Game at AGF 2015. It has also been featured on the AIMS homepage and Miami University’s official blog. It features a simple click-based mechanic that is made increasingly complex through new obstacles and challenges.

    Windows or Mac

    GRAViTY start screen

    GRAViTY game play

  • Furrow


    These images were part of a presentation my team gave during E3 2016. The month-long project was the result of a 48 hour Social Connection gamejam hosted by the ESA and AARP. We made it all the way to the finals and presented at the Ritz Carleton in LA. The concept is mostly about exploration and co-operative puzzle solving, but also focuses on passive world-creation by players.

    Cover concept

    Character Sheet

    Monument Model

  • Upcoming Game

    Upcoming Game

    These are screenshots of an upcoming 1940s-era game I’m working as a Lead 3D Artist. I constructed the pipeline for character art, level meshes, and smaller props in Unreal Engine 4, but also oversaw quality assurance checks. These are some assets that I created on my own. In addition I helped other artists with their assets, touched up art and shared some techniques with colleagues.

    Character Art



  • Title of Prose

    Title of Prose

    A small game I made with Occulus Rift support meant to emulate the experience of exploring a library and skimming books.

    Controls: WASD to move, mouse to look, left click to interact. It's only been tested on Occulus.

    Windows or Mac

    Title of Prose screenshot

    Title of Prose screenshot



    A solo game project I created for a development class. It's a commentary on skinner box single-touch games and how their stale mechanics can fit into any shell. Also about how variety of gameplay can liven the formula.

    GameJolt Page

    Seudosim screenshot

    Seudosim screenshot


  • Soft


    This was an experiment into subtle colors, soft high lighting and using diffused brushes and focus.

    Soft Soft Process

  • Ocelot


    I often focus in on nature when performing studies since fur is always a challenge and whiskers an endless joy.


  • Towards the East

    Towards the East

    This is one of my first master studies. I decided to emulate the challenge of traditional painting by restricting myself to only one layer and a handful of brushes. It taught me a lot of invaluable lessons about color perception and brushwork. Thanks to Winslow Homer for painting the original, Eight Bells.

    Towards the East

  • The Eyes of Owls

    The Eyes of Owls

    Decided to paint another one of my favorite creatures. I got a little over eager with the resolution, since it was one of my first paintings with a more optimized computer. It taught me a lot about making feathers actually look fluffy and inviting.

    The Eyes of Owls

  • Pensive


    Another portrait study. This time I wanted to explore gradient maps, sparse but careful details, hair rendering, and fluid backgrounds.

    Thanks to Dmitry Elizarov for the breath-taking reference.

    Pensive Pensive Process